Privacy screens and separation curtains

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kwaliteit made in Izegem

Privacy screens & separation rails + curtains

  • Privacy for patient or customer

Separation rails and curtains create privacy around beds, changing rooms, showers, practices, etc. The rails are functional, strong and available with a dust-inhibiting PVC cover strip. They are suitable for use in humid areas..

  • Fireproof and antibacterial

A partition rail can be mounted in many ways for a strong and practical result. We deliver and install the whole to measure, including any accessories and with fireproof and even antibacterial curtains.

  • Thoughtful choices

Our experience and references in many hospitals and care institutions give you the certainty of a sound installation that has been thought about. For risk departments, there are components that enable an anti-suicidal installation. The rails then release from their suspension at a specific peak load.

 privacy panels

A system of easy-to-handle folding screens that can be cleaned thoroughly and quickly. Developed for hospitals and care environments with high hygiene requirements.

But also very practical for therapists, practices and specialists such as

  • kine
  • Dentist
  • Acupuncture
  • Tattoo
  • Beauty and wellness


A screen offers patients and customers privacy, ensures that staff retains an overview and, if necessary, also allows daylight to pass through. Wall mounted or mobile on a trolley…. in many standard sizes, colors and customizable.

Make full use of your consultation room, practice or studio and give your customers the experience they expect by using hygienic foldable privacy screens.